Lcd Writing Tablet
Lcd Writing Tablet
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DOMO nScribe Scribble Pad is a series of eWriters which use a special display to imitate the feel of reading and writing on paper. It’s a step towards replacing paper as a reading and note taking device. Earlier attempts to replace paper with LCD faced a lot of challenges since LCD required a lot of power to operate, it was backlit hence causing a lot of strain on the eye and the reflection created by the shiny surface would making it harder to read in high ambient lightning. The nScribe Scribble Pad successfully overcomes these earlier challenges – it requires extremely low power to operate, since it is not backlit, it does not put strain on the eye and the display has high friction matte surface which gives the feel of writing on paper. The nScribe Scribble Pad even offers sunlight readability with minimal light reflection off the display and just like paper, you can get high readability from all angles.


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